Trusty-Cook CNC Lathe Spindle and bar Liners

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Spindle Liners, made from durable polyurethane, are a CNC lathe accessory that allows machinists to manufacture parts from extruded profiles and odd shapes, to the same exacting tolerances as parts machined from standard round stock.

Spindle liners are able to be customised to fit the outside and inside diameters for your machine and bar.

These products are designed to solve application issues, extend the life of tooling and increase the productivity of your shop.

Features include:

  • Better control & protection of bar stock
  • Liner IDs for bar diameters 1.5mm to 250mm+ and liner wall thickness as thin as 1.3mm
  • Engineered solutions for any extrusion or shape—never any locator pins, which can mar your bar stock
  • Hold tighter tolerances on existing machines
  • Limited scrap rates
  • Precise turning at increased speeds
  • Minimized vibration & reduced sound
  • Extended machine-life
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Spindle Liners for CNC lathe
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Any extrusion shape is possible!
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Anit-Vibration for greater accuracy

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