Wireless Bluetooth® measurement technology​

Improved safety, reading of large jobs or out of view locations.

Save time and improve your effiecency with these wireless products.

Motionics dial indicators are revered as leading dial indicators. 

With the integration of Bluetooth technology, you are now able to get top quality dial indicators that you can read wirelessly / remotely.

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Bluetooth® Dial Indicator
Dial Indicator and Magnetic Base Livetools Australia small

BlueDial +

Bluetooth® Dial Indicator

BlueDial Kit

Bluetooth® Dial Indicator


Bluetooth® Hydraulic Transducer

BluePSI Kit

Bluetooth® Hydraulic Transducer​ Package
Bluetooth Software Connectivity Livetools Australia


Connectivity with your Bluetooth® devices​

How does Wireless Bluetooth® Technology work?

Digital dial indicator gauge or transducers send connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The free software is run from a PC, Tablet or Phone. The software gives you a high latency reading – in your hands – with connectivity for upto 7 dial indicators and 5 transducers.

The low engergy consumption of Bluetooth means less battery changes, more dependability but the range is limited to 12.7m. We have solved this with some additional devices, so be sure to mention it if this is something you will need.

BlueDial is the international leading brand for wireless Bluetooth dial indicators.

BlueDial Model offers vastly superior quality, accuracy and value for money compared to all competition.