BlueDial & BluePSI Software

BlueDial Connectivity & Software

Software is used to allow BlueDial and BluePSI to communicate with any Bluetooth compatible device.

We have been dedicated on bringing wireless displacement sensors and smart device Apps to make dimensional measurement simpler. Now it is also possible to wirelessly collect readings from BlueDial on any Windows PC in the facilities.

Along with BlueDial units you will also need a small USB dongle and the relevant software (Free). Each dongle allows for connection of 7 BlueDials or 5 BluePSI transducers.

Then you are ready to see all the data streamed to the PC wirelessly.

Each gage will be assigned its individual panel for display and control without interference between each other. Data recording will also be simultaneous for all connected devices.

Ipad / Iphone

Bluetooth wireless products require the receiving device to support Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0). We recommend iPhone 5 and later models, iPad Air and later models, iPad mini and iPad Pro.

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1. Connect the USB dongle to one of the USB ports of the PC

2. For first time use, wait for Windows to automatically search and install required driver. If driver is installed successfully, please directly move to step 5, otherwise go to step 3

3. Manually download the driver

4. Go to Control Panel – System and Security – System – Device Manager. In Device Manager, find the bluetooth low energy dongle, right click, select Update Driver Software. Next select Browse my computer for driver software, select the path where the driver downloaded in previous step is stored, then click Next. If there is any prompted window appearing, just allow it to install the driver

5. Once driver is installed, go to Control Panel – System and Security – System – Device Manager – Ports (COM&LPT), look for Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy, remember the com number

6. Turn on WiMER or BlueDial and launch Dial-Reading.exe

7. In the software window, select the right com number from the drop-down menu and click the Attach button (see screenshot below)

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