Replacement Master Jaws

Product Description

Replacement master jaws are the “standard hard jaws” that ship with all 5th Axis self-centering vises.

The jaws are 55 HRC with a serrated tooth pattern, 2.5mm step and 45 degree dovetail built-in.

We understand that only one jaw may be damaged at a time, so each jaw is sold separately.

If you are looking for a pair, make sure to order quantity 2.

Items Available

V75100-5 75mm x 45mm x 25mm

V562M-5 7125mm x 50mm x 34mm

V6105M-5 7151mm x 78mm x 47mm

V56124-5 74.95″ x 1.95″ x 1.35″

V6105-5 75.95″ x 3.00″ x 1.85″

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