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5th Axis products are high quality and designed to improve machine shop productivity.

Here are some ways:

  • Increase pallet load
  • Speed up job changes
  • Decrease machine idle time
  • Better access to the work piece
  • Reduce Number of Operations
  • Hold jobs with less

5th Axis prefers uses of dovetails as the method of holding. They use a 45° dovetail which gives equal down and in force, holding jobs more stable than any other workholding method.

Vises feature jaws that have both serration (for softer materials < 35 HRC) and dovetails. They have 13 microns of repeatability and max clamping force of 22.2 kN. They have a nice low profile design making machining of 5 sides of a workpiece easy. Compared to a traditional vise not as much material is required to be clamped in order to stay steady, so more of a work piece is machinable. Jaws are rereversable, and vises can be direct mounted or be used with either 52mm or 96mm RockLock. Softjaws are available, as well as a built in work piece stopper.

Dovetail Top tooling gives awesome holding power with a tiny foot print. This is perfect of 4 & 5 axis machining where access to the workpiece is a priority.

Bases include standard pallets, raised pallets, tombstones and pyramids. Most of these can be combined together with the 52mm / 96mm RockLock system. This gives a huge amount of flexibility to help maximise your productivity no matter the job.

Check out the 3D tool Configurator. 3D models are available for download as well, so you can plan your jobs out accurately.

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