Hangsterfer's is made in the USA and is a family owned and run company. They have been running for nearly 100 years and focus on delivery of exceptional performance with excellent health and environmental safety.

All of Hangsterfer's products are formulated with advanced technologies, which utilize synthetic, vegetable and petroleum components. Improve your surface quality and tool life when machining, grinding and forming aluminum, chrome, nickel, Stainless Steel, titanium and their alloys by using Hangsterfer's Metalworking Lubricants.

A number of coolants and cutting oils are Aerospace Approved.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent Tool Life & Surface Finish
  • Non-Toxic Non-Hazardous
  • Operator Friendly – Environmentally Friendly
  • Elimination of use / Very limited use of toxic chemicals: Boric Acid, Secondary Amines, Formaldehyde, VOC, Short / Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffin
  • Chlorine Free Coolants
  • Low Odour, Good Rust protection

International Standards

Hangsterfer's Coolants is a global leader in operator friendly high performance coolants. They comply with the highest international safety and environmental standards.

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USDA CertificationReach CertificationGlobal Harmonised Systems Certification

Boeing Research Case Study

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Hangsterfers 5080 out performed competitor coolants trialed, with greatest reduction in tool wear and lower and more consistent surface finishes. Hangsterfers 5080 delivered up to 50% cost reduction in tooling with better surface finishes.

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