Hangsterfer's Metal Working Fluids

Key Benefits

Excellent Tool Life & Surface Finish

  • Boeing Research Case Study: Hangsterfers 5080 out performed competitor coolants trialed, with greatest reduction in tool wear and lower and more consistent surface finishes. Hangsterfers 5080 delivered %50 cost reduction Click here to read the study.

Non-Toxic Non-Hazardous

  • Operator Friendly – Environmentally Friendly
  • Elimination of use / Very limited use of toxic chemicals: Boric Acid, Secondary Amines, Formaldehyde, VOC, Short / Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffin

Low Odour, Good Rust protection

Hangsterfer’s Coolants is a global leader in operator friendly high performance coolants. They comply with the highest international safety and environmental standards:

USDA Certification
Reach Certification
Global Harmonised Systems Certification

Hangsterfer's Products

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