ChipVac Chip & Sludge Pump

About ChipVac

Say hello to your new best friend! …a chip removal pump!

This thing massively speeds up the cleaning process – down to about 5-10min per machine.

Filters for both magnetic and non-magnetic chips, swarf and grinding sludge.

Easy fast recovery of swarf and helps stop cross contamination.

Faster cleaning time making it feasible to clean on a more regular basis improving the overall cleanliness of your workshop and longevity of CNC machine

It’s applicable for all coolants, water-soluble cutting oils and neat cutting oils.

One unit will easily manage the cleaning of multiple machines in your shop.


Runs on compressed air

Zero consumables

Lightweight, portable and mobile

Air-driven, no electrical plug is required

Vertically fast filtration with self-dehydration up to 90% efficiency

Optional filter mesh is available for smaller particle size


  • No CNC Machine downtime
  • No consumables
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Recycle automatically & simultaneously
  • Air driven and no plug required
  • Vertically fast filter drying up to 90% efficiency
  • Light weight, portable
  • Optional filter mesh
  • Save coolant replacement cost


Model ChipVac
Machine Size (mm) 420 L x 600 W x 900 H
Filter Capacity 10.5L
Net Weight 56kg
Max. Flow Capacity 180 L/Min
Air Pressure 0.5 Bar - 8.3 Bar (7.25 Psi - 120 Psi)
Filter 380 μm / 190 μm
Filter Material 304 Stainless Steel
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