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A must have for those who value humour! These are curated collects of the best Memes for Machinist we could find on the World Wide Web. 

Digitally Remastered into high resolution versions, now you can acutally see the background image, text is now legible... 👌

All meme books are sold at cost price

We have interactive flip books set up below so you can flick through each meme books and see what your getting!

Meme Vol 1

40 pages of funny machinist memes, Hardcover for extra protection


Link to buy

Meme Vol 2

40 more pages of golden memes


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Meme Vol 3

Time to start thinking about christmas presents... 40 more Memes in a beautiful package

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Meme Vol 4

40 pages of funny memes


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Top reviews from Australia

meme review profile pic

Darren from Echuca


Toilet fav in the workshop

Since they banned phones in the workshop, this one has been a hot favourite...

meme review profile pic

Bob Down



🦧 Im Acutally pretty whiney about evermemehing I buy. So probably take my review with a grain of salt.

meme review profile pic



Quietly excited

dunno if its any good. brought it for the hubby havnt given it to him yet but think his gunna luv it

meme review profile pic

Phil M'Crackin



Convinced me boss its academic readin

meme review profile pic



not behd good soize

yah yah

meme review profile pic



Trying Something Different

I never heard of a profession call a "Machinist" before but the pictures are good

meme review profile pic



so fkn good!

Buy one

meme review profile pic



funny as. the boys love it 

mate youve got to get one. has been well read here.

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