Octane Workholding: T-Slot Covers

Octane Workholding Brochure (Updated Jan 2022)

Octane T-slot covers make your cnc t-slot tables fast and easy to clean. They prevent swarf and chips filling the t-slot grooves and help protect against build up of grime.

The T-slot covers are made from high temperature silicone and are extremely durable, washable and flexible. They will handle frequent dry machining with exposure to red hot chips.

Make CNC operators jobs so much easier and faster! To make cleaning jobs and your table down even faster you can pair these T-slots with our CNC chip cleaning fan and program in a pass or two for fully automated cleaning solution.

T-Slot Cover Products

Width Colour Options Min. Order Quanity
14mm Blue / Black 3m
16mm Blue / Black 3m
18mm Blue / Black 3m
22mm Blue / Black 3m

How to order? → send us a enquiry or call!

How to Install Octane T-Slot Covers

Installation requires no special tools, just measure what length you need, and trim with a utility knife.

It is recommended to apply a rust preventative which protects your bare metal surfaces and aids in installation.

  1. Pinch the flexible legs and press straight down into the t-slot.
  2. Press the t-slot cover in until it is flush with the t-slots chamfer.
  3. The compressed silicone will retain itself for a very secure hold.

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