Chucks for CNC, Milling, Lathe, Metal Working


Super Thin Chucks Series


Powerful Type Super Thin Chucks

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1. The handle with an angle of 30 degrees is much convenient for operations.

2. The “super thin thickness” design of chucks increase the “allowable distance” of machining operations.

3. Chuck flange makes loading and unloading Operations simpler and more convenient.

4. Hard jaws and soft jaws can be used alternatively.

Steel Body Chucks Series


3-Jaw Steel Body Chucks

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1. Can be used as a “Forming plate” for machining soft jaws.

2. Hard jaws and soft jaws can be adjusted just like on a power Chuck to increase the gripping range.

3. Hard jaws as well as Soft jaws are interchangeable with those of power chucks.

4. Chuck Body is made of steel to enhance safety operations for high speed machining.

5. The Chuck Handle can be operated easily and smoothly.

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