Coolant & Lubricant Products

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools: Micro Endmills

Cutting Tools: Centre Drilling, Counter Sinking, Chamfering, Corner Rounding, Engraving

Cutting Tools: Drilling, Threading & Tapping Tools, Gun Drill, Carbide Tip Drills

Cutting Tools: Burnishing & Reverse Machining

Tool Holding

Alberti Angle Heads Products
Induction shrink fit machine for shink fit toolholders
Dorian Tool International - Lathe Quick change tool post products

High Speed Machining

Work Holding

cnc torque multiplier vises
Grippall CNC Lathe bar pullers
GPR Tops precision live centers and dead centers


Marking & Engraving

Abrasives, Diamond Tools & Deburring

Other Accessories

Octane workholding t-slot covers
CNC cleaning fan for chips and coolant
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