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Air Turbine Spindles Range

Air Turbine Spindles® turn a normal CNC machine to turned into a high speed machining center with a spindle speed of from 25,000 RPM to 90,000 RPM.

This is a must have for micro-tooling and delivers huge cycle time savings – typically around 80% time reduction.

We recommend and supply NS TOOL for micro tooling → NS TOOL (click to view)

With just 2 moving parts – Air Turbine Spindles are low friction, low vibration and low heat. This delivers super accurate performance as they have very little thermal expansion and vibration. This also means they don’t have any parts to burn up and this is a huge improvement to high RPM life span.


Compact, the 602JS delivers governed constant high speeds under load. Rated speeds are 40,000, 50,000. 65,000 and *90,000 rpm.

Ideal for engraving, marking, slotting, drilling and finishing with small tools the 602 speeds up cycle times — cutting cost and accelerating production.

Air Turbine Spindles® patented motors maintain high speed while cutting with no gears, vanes or brushes to burn up. Using dry clean, oil free, 90 psi (6.2 Bar) compressed air the 602 requires no lubrication and emits no oil mist. With fewer moving parts and low friction and utilizing ceramic bearings the 602 is a precise and reliable favorite. No Duty Cycle.

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The versatile and reliable 625JS (20mm Straight Shank) delivers governed constant high speeds under load – 30,000 to 50,000 rpm, < 0.50 hp (0.37kW). Speed up your cycle times and reduce tool breakage with the compact 625 Series.

Ideal for mold making, milling and finishing with small tools up to 6mm capacity. Only 2 moving parts and air circulation over] the bearings, result in low heat. Get the reliability of direct drive milling with no duty cycle and no thermal expansion. Selectable rear or side air feed.

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The 650JS (20mm Straight Shank) delivers governed constant high speeds under load – 25,000 to 40,000 rpm, < 0.88 hp (0.66 kW). Robust and reliable, with double front ceramic bearings, the 650 Series is ideal for heavier duty applications and milling hard materials in corners.

The governor controlled turbine maintains rated high speed, optimizing tool performance and life.

Effective in all materials, including tool steel, titanium and ceramic. Ultra low vibration and no heat in 24/7 operation.

Selectable rear or side air feed on each spindle. Automatic Loading from the magazine on all machines.

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Air Turbine Spindles Mounting Options

JS - Straight Shank

20mm JS units combine with ER 32 or other toolholders for infinite compatibility.

Integrated Shank

For integrated shank mounting options select from CAT, DIN/SK, BT, HSK and many other integrated options to provide rigidity.

Tool Changer Mounting Assembly (TAM)

Toolchanger assembly and mounting block compatible with Haas, Fanuc Robodrill, Brother, Mazak, and most popular CNC/VMC machines. Integrate high speed in your production.

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Air Turbine Motors

Air Turbine Tools allow a normal CNC machine to turned into a high speed machining center.


Aluminum Motor Mount Series

Quadruple ceramic bearings, an ER 11 collet, and a rigid steel barrel for mounting make the 450HD ideal for cutting or finishing harder materials. Sealed at front collet for wet environments.

The durable direct drive governed motor make this unit a reliable workhorse. Powerful 24/7 performance with 0.88 hp (0.66 kW) at governed 40,000 rpm.

Very low vibration magnitude of 1.25 m/s² r.m.s, makes the well balanced 450HD ideal for robotic integrations.

Applications include finishing, drilling, milling and routing.


Steel Motor Mount Series

The popular 730MX is ideal for lab mills, lathes and swiss automation, and all fixture and robotic applications. Reach deep and run faster for accelerated production and cleaner cutting action.

Get finer finished surfaces with faster cycle times.

Lower vibration and greater reliability result from fewer moving parts in this direct drive, oil free geared double turbine motor.

Mountable area of 30mm by 95mm. Completely sealed with hose exhausts.

Air Turbine Hand Tools

Air Turbine Tools allow a normal CNC machine to turned into a high speed machining center.


Put the 0145SSV in your fingers or palm and experience exceptionally fine control necessary for close proximity work. Feather-light at 0.17 kg the 0145SSV has lots of torque.

This tool is effective for precision work, marking or deburring but its so light you hardly notice you are working. Our patented 45° design conforms to the natural position of your hand for hand- eye coordination.

Because the motor is in the 45° head there are no gears, vanes or brushes to vibrate or heat up. As a result the 0145 delivers direct drive reliability with only 2 moving parts combined with lower vibration and weight than a gear head.


You will immediately feel the 201SV’s ultra low vibration and weight and hear the < 65 dBA sound level. The light 201 is powerful – designed to work reliably in industrial applications. The 201SV with slide valve for quick-shut off is rated for nonstop work: 128 hours 15 minutes before reaching EAV 2.5 m/s2 A(8) or 513 hours before reaching EAV 5 m/s2 A(8). Now you can work safer and longer and there’s no maintenance required.

Only a light hand guiding the 201SV is needed to get our signature benefits – improved precision, faster cutting action and finer finished surface quality.

Standard Equipment: Hand Tool, 3mm collet, collet wrenches, rear exhaust, 5’ air supply assembly with slide valve and 1/4” NPT air supply fitting. Oil free 90 psi / 6.2 bar, clean, dry air supply required.


Reduce hand arm stress and injury risk while increasing productivity – Impossible? Not at all.

Combining safety in its low vibration and high power the 6 oz (0.17 kg) 202SV with slide valve for quick-shut off can’t be matched for its power to weight ratio – just try it! At 0.55 hp (0.41 kW) the 202SV has awesome power output from its large diameter turbine. The narrow shaft gives you exact control of that power for precision work.

The vibration on the 202SV is so low it’s rated for nonstop work: 34 hours 44 minutes before reaching EAV 2.5 mm/s2 (A8), or 138 hours 55 minutes before reaching ELV 5 m/s2 (A8).

Standard Equipment: Hand Tool, 3mm collet, collet wrenches, rear exhaust, 5’ air supply assembly with slide valve and 1/4” NPT air supply fitting. Oil free 90 psi / 6.2 bar, clean, dry air supply required.


Air Turbine Tools® are high RPM tools that run on compressed air.

Patented Direct Drive constant high speed and torque – which remains high under load. Constant 25,000 to 90,000RPM up to 1.4 HP/1.04kW with optional double turbine power.

Governor controlled constant high speed and torque results in more inches cut per minute. Acceleration of the milling process saves hours. Speeding up the detail work results in great savings and frees up your CNC.

Fewer moving parts means less friction, less heat and lower vibration – important for accuracy. The 40,000 rpm 625JS vibration is just 0.28mm/s.

Superior accuracy. High speed and low vibration are good for accuracy. The spindle’s steel housing is rigid and stable and air cools the ceramic bearings. Optional upgrade to 2 micron collet where desired.

Reliability 24/7 at high speed with minimal heat distortion. The grease packed ceramic bearings withstand heat in the 40C / 104F range and a small airflow from the turbine cools the bearings. Most spindles have a limited duty rating which requires them to be shut down or turned off over time. All the advantage of nominal high speed is lost when the spindle overheats and is switched off – in addition to having a person watch the CNC machine. Air Turbine Tools® can run lights out.

Low friction and low heat with the positive air pressure through the spindle resolves accuracy problems resulting from thermal expansion and increases durability.

No maintenance or oil lubrication. Spindle and motor maintenance, part cleaning and lubrication of motors are time consuming and costly.

With plastics, graphite, wood – oil free Air Turbine Spindles® and Air Turbine Motors® also eliminate lubrication, oil mist contamination and chemical interactions.

Tool life improved. Coatings work well at high temperature which requires high speed. Super finish quality with no secondary cleaning required.


Check out some more great videos of Air Turbine Tools® in action!

HRC 68 Steel Milled at 2000mm/min

How Air Turbine Tools Work

Trochoidal Milling Inconel

How Air Turbine Tools Work

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