Reverse Machining Products

Benefits of Reverse Machining

  • Reduce part process time by up to 80% or more
  • Eliminate costly secondary operations
  • Enhance machine/operator safety by automating manufacturing processes
  • Performance is 100% guaranteed

Autofacer tools are able to reach through a hole and machine circular features on the other side, where normally a secondary operation would be required.

A serious concern with reverse machining – making sure the tool opens and closes.

If the tool doesn’t open then the job isn’t done and requires more time to complete. If the tool does not retract this will result in a crash and damage to the tool / machine.

This is the big difference with Steiner: the large range of activation methods and the application engineering team that ensure & guarantee correct performance.

Development of a range of activation methods allows for a correct method to be selected suitable to the machining operation & environment, and ensuring that the tool functions correctly.

Operations: spot face, counterbore, countersink, chamfer, spherical radius, or some combination thereof.

Activation Methods

  • Autofacer has a wide range of activation methods available depending upon your specific needs.
  • The best-fit activation method largely depends on the machine tool that is being used, along with your production quantities.
  • Application Engineers at Steiner Technologies, Inc. will select the appropriate activation method to ensure optimum performance.
  • The more demanding the application, the more you will benefit from the speed and automation that the Autofacer provides.


How it Works

Cone grips the face of the workpiece to open and close the blade (must be a machined surface)


Reliable performance on any machine tool, CNC or manual

Cost-effective alternative to high-production tooling


How it Works

Utilizes the inertia generated during rapid spindle acceleration to open and close the blade


Ideal for modern CNC machines with rapid acceleration and deceleration

Cost-effective alternative to high-production tooling

Pad or Ring

How it Works

Pads grip the inside diameter of the pilot hole to open and close the blade


Ideal for hole sizes greater than 2.25 inches where front (& back) spot facing is required

Very Reliable

Torque Bar

How it Works

Utilizes an anti-rotation device during spindle reversal to open & close the blade

A Torque Bar Driver or an Arrestor-rod is required


Perfect for high-production runs that require the maximum degree of reliability

Ideal for transfer lines and CNC machines

Air or Coolant

How it Works

High-pressure coolant drives the blade open

Spring-pressure closes the blade when the coolant is shut off


Perfect for high-production runs

Ideal for machines with high-pressure, filtered coolant systems

Bearing Guided

How it Works

A tapered pilot locates on a process bore supporting the tool a full 360 degrees

Adjustable insert cartridge

Available in Torque Bar activated configurations


Excellent size control and repeatability

Capable of holding high-precision tolerances of 0.0025mm

Extended Range

How it Works

A rack and pinion gear opens the blade like a jack knife

Available in Torque Bar and Coolant activated configurations


Extended spotface-to-hole size ratio (largest in the industry)

Perfect for internal machining in differential gear cases

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