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SMW Autoblok offers products for turning, grinding, stationary workholding and jaws for many common power chucks and much more.

SMW Autoblok is renown for high quality chucks and work holding tools. They are a leader because customers know that to ensure the highest levels of accuracy when turning, milling, drilling or grinding any work piece, it is essential that work is held securely in place.

Addressing the increasing power of the latest and most powerful CNC-machines, SMW Autoblok’s range of workholding solutions ensure that all that power is safely transmitted to the work piece without any loss.

SMW Autoblok is recognised worldwide as the leading manufacturer of stationary chucks, rotary chucks, steady rests, mandrels and cylinders.

SMW Autoblok’s products offer high performance, precision and longevity.

In addition to its extensive product line, SMW Autoblok offers products that competitors do not, such as its proofline® series of fully sealed chucks. These quick jaw change power chucks don’t require daily maintenance, a big advantage for a high-production environment where the trend is to keep the spindles running longer and longer.

Hard Roughing Jaws

  • Internal and external clamping
  • Bites into the Component for more Secure Gripping
  • Stops Push Back or Movement in Jaws
  • Screws can be used to Adjust Grip Length
  • Case Hardened for Longevity

Using hard jaws is an efficient approach for securely gripping rough or black bars, as well as some forging and castings. Their sturdy grip face allows the jaws to sink into the work piece, ensuring a strong hold. This can prove especially useful in various applications. Gripper jaws can be a great way of getting round part movement in roughing operations, this is by use of teeth in the jaw which bite into the material. The depth of the backstop on the jaw can be adjusted by using screws, these screws are ground and hardened to give you a good backstop for the component.

 Hard Roughing Jaws Catalogue 


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