Tooling Packages

Tooling packages for all the biggest brands

We put together tooling packages to suit:

  • Your exact machine
  • Type of work/Industry
  • Type of Materials
  • Budget
  • Level of tolerance
  • Complexity of work
  • Quality VS Tools Life VS Cost

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HAAS CNC Tooling Packages

Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the United States, and one of the largest builders of CNC machines in the world. Haas CNC machining centers are relatively affordable but have a reputation being reliable and very durable. Used Haas lathe should be able to give you a fair amount of mileage. Being a fairly popular brand, replacement parts should be fairly easy to find. The company also offers great customer service, with manuals and video tutorials all easily available online.

Okuma CNC Tooling Packages

Okuma is a juggernaut, with over one hundred years of manufacturing experience and the largest distribution network in America. The company is the industry's only single-source provider, with the CNC machine, drive, motors, encoders, spindle and CNC control all manufactured by Okuma.

Doosan CNC Tooling Packages

Doosan, formally known as Daewoo Machine Tools, is one of the largest CNC manufacturers in the world. The company is the number one producer in Korea and ranks in the top six globally in terms of market share. Key advantages to Doosan's machinery include their durability and long lasting functionality of products. Their lathes also boast various multi-tasking features to increase productivity. They also name their machines after big cats, so that's fun.

Mazak CNC Tooling Packages

Mazak has been contributing to the development of the machine tool industry as a leading global company for nearly a century. As one of the higher end machine tool manufacturers on the market, they're known for producing large, powerful tools of all kinds, especially lathes. Despite the higher price points of their products, Mazak CNC machines are known for being some of the easiest to operate. Their unique Mazatrol programming language is quite intuitive and brings versatility and ease of use to your production line. Mazak machines retain their value quite well, so used Mazak lathes can be easily resold if your production needs change in the future.

Syil CNC Machine Tooling Packages

A small CNC machine designed for real machining work with the power to cut serious materials. The SYIL X7 small CNC mill is your benefit in a compact space: CNC cutting at low unit costs at high processing quality and unprecedented speed.

Milling packages

Tool holding:

  • Face Mill holders - Palbit face mill cutter
  • Collet Chucks
    • Fahrion - High Precision, really good gear, 2µm accuracy
    • Evermore - Great everyday tools, really good value
  • Drill chucks with Carbide & HSS drills
  • Tapping Chucks - floating & rigid tapping
  • Sidelock holder for u-drills


  • Evolute A series 1-3 Flutes for aluminium
  • Evolute AR - RMR for aluminium
  • Evolute R series for roughing and RMR
  • V series high performance roughing & finishing
  • Evolute EVS - good basic cutter where high performance is top priority


  • Hangsterfer's 5030, 5040 or s500-CF are all suitable for a wide range of materials and machining - think high quality all rounders.
  • If you need more lubricity = s500-CF
  • Where High Pressure required = 5040


  • Herbert torque multiplier vices
  • 5th Axis - Great for increasing productivity, minimising job change / set up time and maximising pallet load.


  • CNC Cleaning Fan
  • Spindle cleaner
  • Pull stud wrench

Tormach CNC Machine Tooling Packages

If you are looking to purchase a Tormach, we would recommend running the 1100MX. For the extra money, you will have a machine that is much more compatible with global CNC machining standards and is more robust and will perform better without maxing it out.

  • Fits almost anywhere. Cuts almost anything.
  • Servo motors help you to close the loop, find home, and hit the gas
  • Faster rapids for efficient cycle times
  • A beefier BT30 spindle

Still a super cheap entry point to be able to start machining.

Packages will depend on the materials you will machine.

Typically a high quality “Core” package is a good way to go, where normal operations and materials will not phase the tools and you will also have the capability to push into harder alloys & exoctic materials.

  • Hangsterfers 5040 is a good base for coolant
  • Endmills - Evolute EVS, plus a couple of A series (aluminium) and V series (high performance Roughing & Finishing) to cover you for when you need performance in specific materials.
  • Face Mills - Palbit standard range, unless you know you're going to be machining specific alloys or require HiFeed milling / max performance (minimal cycle times).
  • Tapping Chucks - Rigid Tapping is the way to go, but if only limited volume should be fine with a floating tapping chuck
  • Collet chucks - Fahrion is the favourite, but if you don't need high precision Evermore is good to go!
  • Tschorn zero setters and probes are a good addition for measuring and height setting
  • Workholding: standard 5th axis vises, self-centering are a nice addition and will give you nice fast set up times. They have an integrated workpiece stopper which is gold.
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