• Tongue & groove
  • Accessory for face plates or chucks
  • Internal or external clamping

Manual jaw box to provide additional grip force and points of contact on workpiece.

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  • Highest repeatability and change-over accuracy
  • Automatic coupling of chuck in a single actuation
  • Large Through Hole
  • Optical control for the locking status
  • Less down time and high changing accuracy
  • Can be adapted to any spindle and any chuck.

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Chuck Adapters

  • Mounting adapters on short taper spindle noses
  • Direct and indirect mounting
  • Reduction and increase mounting

Chuck adapter flanges for short taper mount spindles (DIN 55026/ISO-A 702/1) assist in the easy installation of chucks on the machine spindle.

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Hard Top Jaws, Soft Top Jaws, T-Nuts

  • Metric Serrated
  • Tongue & Groove

SMW Autoblok is pleased to offer a complete range of Hard Top Jaws, Soft Top Jaws and T-Nuts for our popular lathe chucks.

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Grippers UGE + FGH, Clamping Points MGH

  • Hardened Steel and Carbide Grippers Available
  • Fast Change of Worn Out Grippers

The economical solution: roughing jaws with exchangeable grippers. Worn-out grippers can be exchanged in seconds, extending life compared with standard roughing jaws.

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Precision grippers G14 + G25 – G15 + G30

  • High Torque Transmission
  • TiN Coated High Speed Steel

SMW Autoblok’s Type G Precision Grippers have a stop surface for a controlled penetration of the grip tooth. The workpiece is clamped concentrically on the stop surface, so the clamping diameter and machining diameter are concentric.

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Dress and Cleaning Plate RPS

  • Two Different Fine Serrations: Inch and Metric

The dress and cleaning plate is designed for the rapid cleaning and dressing of top jaw serrations. Chips and dirt that accumulate in the grooves can be quickly removed with this plate.

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Boring Rings ADS

  • Complete Set: 36 rings, 20mm – 150mm
  • Rings are 10mm Thick
  • For External or Internal Clamping

This complete set of 36 boring rings is for the boring of soft top jaws when clamped on the chuck.

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Gripping Force Tester GFT-X

  • Static Gripping Force Measuring
  • Wireless Handheld with Battery
  • Speed Measuring
  • Display Software Included

The GFT-X Gripping Force Tester provides wireless gripping force and speed measurement of jaw chucks and collet chucks in dynamic or static measuring mode.

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Grease for Manual Chucks, Power Chucks, Sealed Chucks

  • Grease K67: For proofline Sealed Chucks
  • Grease Gun

SMW Autoblok offers two types of grease for the maintenance and safe operations of our chucks.

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