Tschorn 3D DIGITAL Range


Part Number: 001D30012

Brand new and revolutionary is our new 3D Tester called 3D Digital. It combines the best of two worlds, as the 3D Digital is digital and analogue at the same time: The digital display with numbers allows the user to read accurately 0.005 mm.

In addition, a built in LED shows the user the status of the probing process using different colours.

-Watch 3D Digital Video Here

Tschorn 3D Tester Range

Tschorn 3D Tester SLIMplus V2

Part Number: 001V2D012

Slim design: Thanks to the slim body, you have a better overview in the machine with our 3D Tester.

Parallel running in X, Y and Z: Determine parallelism safely and reliably: The measuring system of your 3D Tester remains stable from the beginning and when changing direction. This is why you can read the indicator movement without any doubt and align your vice (or workpiece) quickly and accurately.

Unbreakable: Thanks to the Protection-System = Your 3D Tester has the best possible protection through mechanical end stops within the probing unit. In the event of a crash, they absorb all destructive forces before the measuring unit and prevent damage in the measuring unit of your 3D Tester.

Waterproof: IP67

Tschorn 3D Tester SLIMplus V2

Part Number: 001V2DB12

Mechanically Identical to SLIMplus V2

The Black Model is designed to offer an alternate colour scheme for preferential readability.

Typically machinists find the dial face & clock easier to read thanks to the dark dial face and the orange indicators.

Tschorn 3D Tester SLIMplus V2

Part Number: 00163B012

The 3D-Tester SAVEplus is as small and slim as the 3D Testers SLIMplus and VIplus. The SAVEplus is the inexpensive 3D Tester model. The main differences are

  • the SAVEplus is not waterproof
  • the SAVEplus will be delivered without test certificate (but of course the 3D Tester SAVEplus is tested in the same way all other 3D Testers are tested before shipping)
  • no serial number is added

Tschorn 3D Tester VIplus V2

Part Number: 001V2V012

Mechanically Identical to SLIMplus V2

The VIplus stands for Visual Plus as this model has a large dial for maximum readability, especially for large machines.

Tschorn 3D Tester DREHplus V2

Part Number: 001V2T020

3D Tester for Lathe Set up. Allows you to accurately and rapidly measure your tool to the rotating center, directly in your lathe. With a ball tip it is impossible to precisely measure sharp turning tools. This is why the 3D Tester DREHplus has a patented conical probing corpus. With this, you directly probe the centre of the spindle, both in X axis and in Y axis. There is no need for further calculations as X = 0 and Y = 0. Replacement tips available.

Probe Tip Long - Ø6mm Shank

Part Number: 00163D006 

3D Tester Replacement Tip. Ø6mm Shank x OAL 62mm.

Probe Tip Short - Ø3mm Shank

Part Number: 00163C003 

3D Tester Replacement Tip. Ø3mm Shank x OAL 27mm.

Probe Tip Special Ø56mm

Part Number: 00163D056 

3D Tester Replacement Tip. Ø56mm. OAL 27mm.

Tschorn Measuring Tools & Accessories

Tschorn 4.0 System


Tschorn 4.0 system allows machinists to automate measuring processes. Specifically you are able to automatically find the zero point of a workpiece and to measure it, and to automatically measure your tools and check for broken tools during production runs.

The system includes a height setter & workpiece probe (probing accuracy = 3µm) which connects wirelessly to a receiver base. The base is then hard wired into the CNC controller and all measurement data is sent direct to the controller (compatible with all CNC brands).

Both probe and zero setter also each have a high brightness LED light for visual confirmation of contact during the measurement processes.

→ Watch Tschorn 4.0 Video

Mechanical Zero Setter

Magnetic Base Model

To determine the position of workpiece surfaces or tool lengths in Z-direction at milling machines or turning lathes. The zero setter is placed on the workpiece. The spindle has to be moved carefully onto the tracer until the dial gauge indicates „0“. The reference dimension 50 mm to the workpiece has been reached. A safety spring range of 0.5 mm is included.

Zero setter in wooden case with serial number and test certificate.

Eco Mechanical Zero Setter

Magnetic Base Model

  • good quality
  • fair price
  • Made in Germany

5D Workpiece Stopper

One of the various application of the workpiece stopper is as a versatile instrument for the positioning on processing machines or during assembly.

Workpiece stopper with T-slide block M8x12 and wrench

3D Edge Finder - Optical

For accurate zero point determination and bore centers to the spindle with an accuracy of probing smaller than 0.010 mm.

If a conductive workpiece and the springed tracer touch (within the axis X, Y and Z) the electrical circuit is getting closed and a LED signal appears. Thus with a distance of 5 mm (= tracer radius Ø10) the workpiece‘s edge is reached. Within Z-axis, the reference length has to be measured and taken into acount respectively.

Edge Finder - Mechanical

Mechanical Wobble Edge Finder

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