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Freddy Superminor - LivetoolsFreddy Superminor - Livetools

The Freddy Superminor has been designed with the operator in mind.  Built to be easily manoeuvred around a machine shop.  Made of mild steel, it is robust, some have been in action for 25 years or more, so it is suitable for even the most arduous environments.

We try to keep it simple.  Which is why we designed the Superminor to be as easy to use as possible. Featuring simple levers and push button on/off switches, minimal training is required to operate the Freddy Superminor, saving time when training new operators.

Comes with the Freddy Toolkit. 

Toolkit contains:

  • 3m suction hose
  • 500mm probe tool
  • 50-37mm adaptor
  • crevice tool
  • flexible bench tool
  • 1m extension arm
  • floor nozzle on wheels

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