Freddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer

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Freddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer - LivetoolsFreddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer - Livetools

Tramp oil is probably one of the most common contaminants in metalworking fluids. The term is a catch all for all sources of non-soluble contaminants (usually oil-based) that can come in contact with the metalworking fluid as a function of the process or the equipment.

With the Freddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer, it is now possible to make any Freddy, no matter the age, into a quick and effective skimming device. No need to wait for hours while the oil coalesces, or the headache of what to do with lots of oil-contaminated paper. Just a faster more ecological way of removing oil.

Connecting to one of the pick-up attachments once the vacuum is switched on it's easy to regulate the flow to ensure only oil is collected rather than valuable coolant. Once collected, simply empty out your Freddy into a barrel or IBC for waste.

Pick-Up Attachments:

Three Ball - Good for wash and level change Hook - magnet fixes to tank at a set level Float - suits small spaces - (magnet and barrel float)

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