Hangsterfer's Compliance & Standards

Hangsterfer’s Coolants is a global leader in operator friendly high performance coolants. They comply with the highest international safety and environmental standards:

Hangsterfer's Performance & Benefits

  • Many customers have seen an excellent increase in tool life & surface quality
  • Boeing Research Case Study saw 50% Reduced tool wear, better and more consistent surface finishes at 7% concentration (14% was previous). This meant a 50% cost saving in coolant alone. Click here to read the study.
  • The coolants are Operator friendly – Non-toxic and Non-irritating
  • Superior machining visibility (Semi & Synthetic products)
  • Extended tool life and smoother chip flow
  • Ultra Low Foam with high pressure Coolant systems
  • High lubricity
  • Keeps Machines clean
  • Environmentally safe with vegetable based technology
  • Low Odour

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