If you need a deburring tool that is fast, E-Z Burr’s patented Carbide deburring tools will meet your needs. With speeds and feeds at least three times faster than regular HSS deburring tools, our carbide deburring tools will raise your efficiency to the next level. In addition, the standard titanium nitride-coated carbide insert lasts more than five times longer than HSS inserts and blades. Our carbide deburring tools offer the same-patented design in which the carbide inserts are adjustable and replaceable and can be changed while the tool is still secured in the machine. The E-Z Burr Carbide Series is ideal for large production runs, heavy burrs, and hard to machine and exotic materials like Inconel and Hastelloy.

We also offer a variety of insert geometries to match the demands of the application. The more aggressive cutting angles, combined with the TiAlN coating, will provide excellent results in tough and difficult materials.

E-Z Burr developed this high performance carbide series in 2002 to provide hole finishing and deburring solutions for the aerospace, defense, energy, and oil industries. Our carbide series offers the same tool steel body as our HSS deburring tools, however, the carbide blade stays sharper longer and deburrs tough and difficult materials that HSS blades may have less than the desired tool life, including; stainless steel, low carbon steel, structural steel, and high temp alloys.

Please take note that the carbide and HSS blades are not interchangeable in the same tool body. The Carbide Series has a distinct pocket made to the precision tolerances of the inserts. This pocket has been designed to minimize the potential for chips or sludge (cast iron) or any other foreign material to clog the performance of the deburring insert.

The following is a list of materials that our high performance standard carbide series has consistent proven success deburring:

Cast Iron: Grey, Ductile, & Nodular
Aluminum: all grades
Free Machining: 1118, 1215, 12L14
Medium Carbon: 1030, 1040, 1050
Alloy: 4140, 5140, 8640, 4340, 4330
Stainless: 303, 304, 416, 420
Low Carbon: 1010, 1020, 1025, 1522
Structural Steel: A36, A285, A516
High Temp Alloys: Hastelloy, Inconel, Rene

If your material is not on this list; that does not mean that our high performance standard carbide is not the right tool for the job. E-Z Burr also offers our small hole carbide line of deburring tools as well as custom made carbide deburring tools for specific applications and materials.

Sizes from 0.125″ up to 2-inch diameters are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. E-Z Burr also routinely manufactures tools in the 2 to 4 inch diameter size range as well. This is a fast growing segment of our business and one that we are especially focused on at this time.

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