E-Z Burr High Speed Steel (HSS) tools are the industry standard for quick, effective and consistent front and rear burr removal. No other HSS deburring tool is this durable. By designing the blade to operate independent from springs and plungers, E-Z Burr has created a deburring tool with a flexible blade and a solid shank for optimum performance for deburring metal or plastic components. In addition, the patented E-Z Burr HSS deburring tool allows you to change chamfer settings, from extreme low to extreme high, and cutting blades without removing it from the holder. Once the desired chamfer is set, it won’t change, even from blade to blade. The result is less downtime, more production, and higher profits.

E-Z Burr Tool Company’s High Speed Steel deburring tools are available in a “rear only” (-R) style of deburring which will only deburr the back side of a hole, “front only” (-F), or “both” (-B), which deburrs the front and back side of the hole in a single pass. The rear only option will allow you to feed through the hole at a higher feed rate without cutting the front side of the part. This will save time by allowing you to get to the back side of the hole to deburr and then feed out at a higher rate once the blade has collapsed back into the arbor. The top of the blade is crowned and polished to prevent scoring the ID as the tool passes through. This deburring process all occurs within a couple of seconds and the finished deburred hole is extremely smooth.

HSS is known for its quality performance at low surface speeds to provide a good surface finish. It can withstand higher temperatures without compromising its hardness, which allows HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel. HSS also typically offers a high abrasion resistance when compared to carbon and other generic tool steels. The inherent toughness of HSS makes it an economical choice for doing batch runs or in a production environment when a reliable, stable performance is required. It is also the best choice when limited spindle RPM or horsepower is available. Unlike carbide, HSS can cut at slower speed and feed rates and therefore it is a great choice for deburring holes when using hand tools.

E-Z Burr Tool Company has manufactured our HSS line of deburring and chamfering tools for 50 years. With a proven success rate and impressive performance on steel alloys: (4140, 5140, 8640, 4340, 4330 and more), aluminum, cast iron, (grey, ductile, nodular) and free machining materials such as: (1118, 1215, 12L14), E-Z Burr continues to serve as the industry standard for hole deburring.

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