Micro Deburring

Are your small holes a large problem? Not with E-Z Burr’s patented Micro Tool Series. One millimeter, four one-hundredths of an inch (.040) …that’s how small a hole you can deburr with the E-Z Burr Micro Tool Series!

Like our High Speed Steel and Carbide deburring and chamfering tools, the Micro Series deburrs both sides of a hole in a single pass. It’s designed with a flexible blade that retracts into the arbor to adjust to the hole’s diameter. As the micro deburring tool enters the small hole, the blade’s rotating cutting edge removes any burrs. The blade then collapses into the tool arbor to allow it to pass through to the rear or bottom of the hole.

The blade will then pop out of the arbor once it has passed through the hole, and fine feed back into the hole to engage the rear cutting edge of the deburring blade. Once the blade has again been squeezed into the arbor, it can be safely withdrawn at a faster feed rate than is required while engaged in the cut. The little Micro Series blades are crowned and polished just like the larger diameter HSS Series to prevent any scoring of the ID of the hole.

The Micro Series is designed to deburr holes from .040 through .092 diameter. Once the size is .093 or larger, we offer the adjustable & replaceable blade system in our HSS Series. We offer the Micro Series with the same two basic choices, B style (front & rear cutting) or R style (rear cutting only).

The Micro Series can be safely run at roughly 50% of the feed rate of the larger tools. The speed also should be cut back to 50% of the chart until you have successfully made some test cuts.

E-Z Burr’s Micro Series should be used with the standard cartridge holder that has a larger 6mm (.234) shank for convenient clamping. The set screw will secure the cartridge in the holder and is easier to secure than the smaller brass sleeve that is only .156 diameter. The cartridge itself includes the HSS blade and arbor in a brass sleeve.

When the blade dulls, you simply remove the cartridge and insert a new one. With our patented two-piece construction, you can remove and replace the cartridge in seconds while the micro tool is still in the spindle… So you won’t have to handle, or lose, any miniature parts. In addition, you can deburr thousands of super-small holes before the cartridge needs to be replaced.

The cartridges will perform on all materials and applications. Of course for the most demanding, difficult cuts we may have to engineer a special solution tailor made to the application. Please call or e-mail us and we will recommend a design uniquely suited to provide the most support and stability that we can possibly manufacture.

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