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Supply fluid Clean compressed air without oil
Air flow rate 60 L / min (ANR) or more per nozzle
Supply pipe connection bore Rc1 / 4
Supply pressure 0.4 to 0.8MPa
Oil discharge amount (standard) 0 to 170 mL / hour per nozzle
Hose length from refueling machine to nozzle Standard 3m (can be extended to 10m)
Oil View MQL fluids
Oil pot tank / volume 300 mL (standard) / 850 mL / 1900 mL / 4000 mL
Nozzle type (standard) Copper pipe tip throttle nozzle, nozzle with lock line magnet base, etc.
Number of pumps 1 ~ 2
Oil amount adjustment method Adjustment by FK pump and pulse generator
Operating temperature limit +5 to + 50 ° C


Suitable for all major CNC & flatbed routers including:

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